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    Tables – Symbols from the Spanish Inquisition

    1. CrossA universal symbol of Christianity, showing the faith that underpinned the Spanish Inquisition.
    2. CrucifixA representation of Jesus on the cross, another pervasive Christian symbol.
    3. Papal insigniaSymbol bearing two crossed keys and a tiara, representing the authority of the Pope and Catholic Church.
    4. Monogram of Ferdinand & IsabellaThe “Y” shaped symbol, known as ‘Yoke’, representing Ferdinand II of Aragon & Isabella I of Castile. Often seen on coins and manuscripts of the period.
    5. ArrowsKnown as ‘Flechas’, a bundle of arrows that often goes with the Yoke, representing the unity of Spanish kingdoms under Ferdinand & Isabella.
    6. Heraldic Shields of Castile and AragonRepresenting the unification of Spain under the monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile.
    7. Flames/TorchesThey indirectly represent the Inquisition due to association with persecution and punishment, burning at the stake.
    8. MonstranceA sacred vessel used to hold the Eucharist in Catholic liturgies. Its use spans back to pre-Inquisition times, representing religious orthodoxy.
    9. Rosary beadsRecurring motif in Catholicism, might be spotted in pictures from the time.
    10. SwordSwords may be seen as a symbol of power, justice, and authority – something the Inquisition held in abundance.