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    Shadowrun – Critters in North America

    UCAS (United Canadian and American States)Devil Rats, Barghests, Hellhounds, Ghouls, Basilisks, Night Ones
    CAS (Confederation of American States)Basilisks, Hellhounds, Fire Drakes, Devil Rats, Ghouls
    Tir Tairngire (Northwestern America, former parts of Oregon and Washington)Elves, Forest Spirits, Wendigos, Night Ones, Sasquatches, Basilisks
    California Free State (Western America)Ghouls, Devil Rats, Hellhounds, Basilisks, Barghests
    Sioux Nation (Midwestern America)Plains Spirits, Wendigos, Thunderbirds, Devil Rats, Hellhounds
    Pueblos Corporate Council (Southwestern America)Dust Spirits, Coyotes, Fire Drakes, Ghouls, Basilisks
    Amazonia (South America)Jaguars, Feathered Serpents, Agropelters, Xtabay, Juggernauts, wakyambi (elven subspecies)
    Aztlan (Central America)Fire Drakes, Jaguars, Feathered Serpents, Hellhounds, Ghouls