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    Alien technology on the Voyager

    1. Quantum Slipstream Drive: The Quantum Slipstream Drive comes from the advanced species known as the Think Tank. The Voyager crew tried to use this technology to shorten their trip home, but due to the instability of maintaining a slipstream, the technology was only used in a handful of episodes.
    2. Bio-Neural Circuitry: From the outset, Voyager pioneered the use of bio-neural circuitry, derived from Federation technology but inspired by alien biology. This technology uses gel packs filled with bio-neural cells to process information, making the system faster and more efficient than traditional isolinear circuitry.
    3. Borg Technology: Through the introduction of the Borg drone “Seven of Nine” to the crew, Voyager was able to integrate various Borg technologies into its systems. These include multi-spatial probes and regenerative shields.
    4. Astrometrics Laboratory: Enhanced through collaboration with Seven of Nine, the Astrometrics laboratory was renovated using Borg technology, vastly improving the crew’s capacity for navigating the Delta quadrant and plotting faster courses home.
    5. Photonic Lifeforms: While not integrated into their ship, the Voyager crew made use of photonic (holographic) technology, championed by their Emergency Medical Hologram, The Doctor. This contact with advanced photonic lifeforms led to several enhancements in the ship’s holographic capabilities, including the development of the Emergency Command Hologram.
    6. Armor and Transphasic Torpedoes: From a future timeline, the Voyager received technology including ablative generator-created armor and transphasic torpedoes, devastating weapons effective against Borg vessels.