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    Autechre discography


    1. Incunabula (1993)
    • Autechre’s debut album, this work is considered as one of the first albums in the ‘Artificial Intelligence’ series of Warp Records.
    1. Amber (1994)
    • Slightly less abstract than its predecessor, an emotion-rich album that paints stunning auditory landscapes.
    1. Tri Repetae (1995)
    • Known for its intricate rhythms and layers, this album marked a shift in the duo’s sound to a more experimental tone.
    1. Chiastic Slide (1997)
    • An album that pushed the boundaries of electronic music, featuring distorted sounds and unconventional structures.
    1. LP5 (1998)
    • A matchless mix of rhythm and noise that helped cement Autechre’s station in IDM genre.
    1. Confield (2001)
    • A rich, complex album presenting a drastic shift towards algorithmic generation and experimentation.
    1. Draft 7.30 (2003)
    • An abstract and resonant album, mixing rhythmic components with grinding, rasping textures.
    1. Untilted (2005)
    • Featuring complex rhythm sequences, this album was conceived from their experiences playing live sets.
    1. Quaristice (2008)
    • A change in direction, focusing more on the ambient side of electronic music.
    1. Oversteps (2010)
      • A move towards more melodic content, while still retaining complex rhythmic structures.
    2. Exai (2013)
      • One of their most acclaimed works, a sonically dense work that fuses together elements from their past records.
    3. elseq 1-5 (2016)
      • Their first full-length release to be split into distinct parts and distributed exclusively in digital format.
    4. NTS Sessions 1-4 (2018)
      • A collection of their marathon radio broadcasts on NTS Radio, featuring a blend of techno, hip-hop and abstract sounds.


    1. Anti (1994)
    • A pioneering EP characterized by distorted, manipulated sounds.
    1. Garbage (1995)
    • Known for its melancholic tone and ambient tendencies.
    1. Anvil Vapre (1995)
    • An extension to their third album, introducing more complex textures.
    1. Envane (1997)
    • A slightly melodic EP, expanding on their abstract soundscapes.
    1. Cichlisuite (1997)
    • Characterised by its idiosyncratic time signatures and structures.
    1. EP7 (1999)
    • A landmark release that is practically an album in its own right, given its length and range.
    1. Gantz Graf (2002)
    • Notable for its title track’s complex rhythm and its avant-garde music video.


    1. Gantz Graf (2002)
    • Featuring the music video for the title track of the same name that was noted for its mind-bending visuals.