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    1. Painting: This article would refer to the art form where an artist uses colored mediums to create an expressive or communicative image on a two-dimensional surface. It would mention various techniques, styles and the development of painting through different cultures and periods.
    2. Sculpture: This would be an article about the three-dimensional art form where artists manipulate different materials like clay, stone, or metal to create a physical representation of an idea or object. Historical evolution of this art form, styles, notable sculptors and their works would be included.
    3. Photography: A brief description of this article would entail the act of capturing light onto light-sensitive surfaces to create a lasting image. It would detail the invention and evolution of photography, its influences, and the role it played in the art world and society in the 90s, especially with the rise of digital technology.
    4. Cinema: The article would involve the art of creating moving pictures, detailing its history, technological advancements, and the effect of cinema on society. It would also discuss the impact of Hollywood and independent filmmakers of the 90s.
    5. Architecture: This article would define architecture as the art and science of designing structures and spaces for human use. Notable architects, architectural styles, movements, and iconic structures from various periods would be covered here.
    6. Dance: An article about dance would explore this art form as a method of expression through body movement, rhythm and sometimes music. Various dance styles, cultural dances and famous dancers or choreographers would be mentioned here.
    7. Music: This would delve into music as an auditory art form that uses rhythm, melody and harmony to create emotional responses. It would discuss different music genres, influential musicians and the evolution of music production and distribution in the 90s.
    8. Literature: The article would define literature as the art of written works, exploring genres like poetry, drama, novels, and non-fiction. Notable authors, literary movements, and seminal works would be included, with special mention of literary development in the digital age.
    9. Performance Art: This piece would talk about performance art as an artwork or art exhibition created through actions executed by the artist or other participants. It would highlight the rise and significance of performance art in the 90s.
    10. Digital Art: As an emerging field in the 90s, the article on digital art would explore how artists employ digital technology as an essential part of their creative process or presentation. The rise of digital art in correlation with technological advances would be the crux of this piece.