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    Essentials – CD

    TypeOptical Disc
    InventionInvented in 1982 jointly by Sony and Philips
    Storage CapacityStandard CD: Around 700 MB of data, or 80 minutes of audio
    Diameter12 cm (standard), 8 cm (mini CD)
    Disc FormatISO 9660 file system, UDF, or a variety of music disc formats
    Reading MethodData on the CD is read by a 780 nm wavelength (near infrared and red edge) semiconductor laser, which scans the disc
    Write MethodsRead-Only (CD), Recordable (CD-R), Rewriteable (CD-RW)
    UsageMusic, Software, Data, Video (VCD), Rewritable discs for various applications
    AdvantagesHighly portable, Durable if properly cared for, Universally compatible with most computers and CD players
    DisadvantagesLimited storage capacity compared to modern alternatives, Can be easily scratched, Not suitable for backups or archiving in the long-term