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    Essentials – Computer – CPU

    ArchitectureRefers to the internal structure of the CPU, including the data types, instruction set, and memory access.
    Clock SpeedThe speed at which the CPU process instructions, measured in GHz.
    CoresIndividual processing units within the CPU. Each core can process its own program thread simultaneously.
    ThreadsVirtual cores created through a process called hyper-threading to handle multiple tasks in parallel.
    CacheA small amount of very fast memory used to store frequently accessed data close to the CPU.
    Power ConsumptionMeasures how much power the CPU needs, important for power supply considerations and thermal management.
    Socket TypeThe physical interface for the motherboard. Different CPUs require different socket types.
    Manufacturing ProcessThis refers to the size of the transistors in the chip, usually measured in nanometers(nm). Smaller nm CPUs are generally more power efficient and faster.