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    Essentials – Forensic Science Audio and Video Analysis

    AspectDescriptionKey ToolsSignificance
    Scene RecordingInvolves capturing the incident location & preserving it for future analysis.High-definition cameras, 3D Scanning ToolsIt helps in the accurate recreation of the crime scene.
    Audio AnalysisExamination of recorded sound which could include speech, sounds, or noise at the crime scene.Audio Enhancement Software, Spectrographic analysisIt can provide unique insights that might not be apparent in a visual analysis.
    Video AnalysisInvolves investigation of video footage for evidence. This can range from CCTV footage to cell phone videos.Video Enhancement Software, Frame-by-frame analysisThis can provide visual corroboration of events or aid in identifying suspects.
    Digital & MultimediaIncorporates digital aspects such as videos & pictures with traditional police work.Forensic Multimedia SoftwareIt provides a high level of detail and can often be more easily shared or distributed.
    Evidence PresentationInvolves preparing and presenting the findings for legal proceedings or for other law enforcement officials.Forensic presentation software, 3D printing, VR modelingImportant for communicating key evidence and findings in a way that is clear and concise.