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    Essentials – Forensic Science Firearms

    Area of FocusDescription
    HistoryThis refers to the historical development of firearms and the science behind their examination in criminal investigations.
    Ballistics AnalysisThis is the detailed study of the path (trajectory, etc.) that a bullet or other ammunition takes after being fired from a gun.
    Firearms IdentificationThe process of determining whether a bullet, cartridge, or other ammunition came from a particular firearm.
    Gunshot Residue AnalysisGunshot residue analysis can indicate whether a firearm has been discharged recently, who discharged it, and from what distance it was fired.
    Crime Scene ReconstructionUsing the notion of Forensic Firearms, investigators can reconstruct how a shooting incident occurred, which might help to verify or contradict witness testimonies.
    Legal ContextLaws and rules that govern the use and possession of firearms, such as safety regulations for handling and storing firearms.
    Technological AdvancesInnovative tools and techniques which are currently being used or developed for the analysis of firearm evidence.
    Forensic Expert WitnessesThe role of firearm examiners in relaying their forensic findings of firearms used in a crime scene to the court.