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    Essentials – Gene structure

    PromoterThis sequence signals the start of the gene and serves as the binding site for the RNA polymerase.
    OperatorIt’s the regulatory segment of DNA where repressors bind to control gene expression.
    Regulatory GeneThese genes produce repressor proteins that bind to the operator, controlling transcription.
    Structural GenesThis section contains the actual DNA code for the proteins that the gene is meant to produce.
    IntronsThese are non-coding sequences within a gene that are removed in the RNA splicing process.
    ExonsThese are coding sequences that remain in the mature mRNA after splicing.
    5′ Untranslated Region (5′ UTR)It’s the portion of the gene at the beginning of the RNA molecule that will not be translated into protein.
    3′ Untranslated Region (3′ UTR)It’s the final portion of the gene. It’s transcribed into RNA but does not code for protein.
    Termination sequenceThis sequence signals the end of the gene. It stops transcription.