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    Essentials – Hardware in PC

    Hardware ComponentDescriptionPurpose
    CPU (Central Processing Unit)Often referred to as the ‘brain’ of the computer, it processes instructions from hardware and software.Performs most of the processing inside the computer.
    MotherboardThe main circuit board that houses the CPU, memory and connections to other hardware.Serves as a central hub for the connection of all computer hardware components.
    RAM (Random Access Memory)Temporary, ‘volatile’ memory that stores information the CPU uses short-term.Allows information to be stored and accessed quickly on a temporary basis.
    Hard DriveLong term, ‘non-volatile’ storage of user and system data.Stores all information on the computer, including the operating system, applications, and individual files.
    GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)Specialized processor for rendering images, video and animations.Handles the rendering of images, video and animations.
    Power SupplyConverts electricity from a standard outlet into usable power for computer components.Powers all hardware components inside the computer.
    MonitorDisplay screen to view computer’s output.Allows user to interact with the software of the computer.
    Keyboard and MouseCommon input devices used to interact with the computer.Allows user to input data into the computer.
    Sound CardProcesses audio files to deliver sound to the speakers.Handles the input and output of audio signals.
    Network CardAllows the computer to communicate over a network and access the Internet.Handles network connections to other computers or the internet.