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    Essentials – Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

    PCB MaterialThe core material of a PCB which is often a type of fiberglass known as FR4.
    Copper LayersTo help route signals throughout the board, several layers of copper are used.
    Solder MaskThis layer helps protect the copper from exposure, and also provides a guide for soldering components.
    SilkscreenThis layer includes symbols, labels, and other details to help with assembly and recognizing the placements of components.
    TracesThese are the actual “wires” in a PCB that connect different components.
    ViaA metal-filled hole that connects several layers of copper in a multilayer PCB.
    PadsSurface copper connections where components are soldered onto.
    ComponentsItems like capacitors, resistors, and integrated circuits that get soldered onto the PCB.