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    Geography – World Climate

    1. Global Temperatures: This entry would delve into an explanation of how global temperatures are measured and how they’ve changed over time, particularly in the 20th century. It may also touch on various factors which influence these temperatures.
    2. Climate Change: Here, the article tackles the early indicators and understanding of climate change as recognized in the 1990s, covering areas of study, observed changes, and projected effects.
    3. El Niño and La Niña Phenomena: This article is devoted to describing these specific climate events in detail. It examines their causes, impacts, and the scientific efforts undertaken in the 90s to predict their cycles.
    4. Greenhouse Gases: This entry presents an overview of the major greenhouse gases, their sources, and their potential impacts on Earth’s climate. It also details early efforts to mitigate their release.
    5. Ozone Layer Depletion: This article discusses the discovery and significance of ozone layer depletion, it’s primary cause – CFCs, and the global efforts, like the Montreal Protocol, to address the issue.
    6. Climate Zones and Biomes: This entry would break down the different climate zones of the world, offering insight into the unique weather patterns, flora, and fauna found within each area.
    7. The Role of the Ocean in Climate: This article explores the complex ways in which oceans can influence the global climate, including effects on heat distribution and sea-level rise.
    8. The Impact of Volcanic Activities on Climate: This article describes how volcanic eruptions can alter global climates due to the release of large quantities of volcanic gases and ash.
    9. Ice Ages and Glacial Periods: This article explains the concept of Ice Ages, what causes them, how they’ve been studied, and how they affect global climate.
    10. The Human Impact on Climate: Delving into the varied ways in which human activities contribute to climate change, this entry explores topics like deforestation, industrialization, and urbanization.
    11. Weather Prediction and Climate Modeling: This piece focuses on the state of weather prediction and climate modeling in the 1990s, the advancements made during that period, and the challenges faced.
    12. International Climate Initiatives: This article details the global initiatives in response to the growing concerns about climate change, such as UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.