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    History – Industrial Revolution

    1. “Introduction to the Industrial Revolution”: This article serves as a comprehensive overview of the Industrial Revolution. It covers the basic definition and timeline, along with discussing the significant changes it brought to global socio-economic landscapes.

    2. “Chronology of the Industrial Revolution”: A timeline-focused article detailing the progression of the Industrial Revolution, starting from the late 18th century to the mid-19th century, covering crucial events and innovations.

    3. “Origins and Causes of the Industrial Revolution”: An article that analyzes the origins of this massive change, including societal, economic, and technological factors contributing to the birth of the Industrial Revolution.

    4. “Technological Advancements of the Industrial Revolution”: This section delves into the technical innovations that made the Industrial Revolution possible, describing key inventions such as the steam engine, spinning jenny, power loom, and more.

    5. “Key Figures of the Industrial Revolution”: Biographies and contributions of influential personalities like James Watt, Richard Arkwright, Eli Whitney who had significant roles during this period.

    6. “Impact on Society and Economy”: A comprehensive evaluation of how the Industrial Revolution transformed social, economic and political structures, focusing on urbanization, changing work patterns, and emergence of new social classes.

    7. “Industrial Revolution and Globalisation”: This article connects the Industrial Revolution to the start of globalization, discussing how one led to the other.

    8. “The Industrial Revolution and Environment”: An eye-opening piece on the environmental impacts, both short-term and long-term, caused by rapid industrialization.

    9. “Child Labor during the Industrial Revolution”: An in-depth look at the harsh realities and repercussions of child labor, an unfortunate yet integral part of the Industrial Revolution.

    10. “Revolutions Spurred by Industrialization”: Discusses the political revolutions and movements that were influenced or caused by the Industrial Revolution, such as labor unions and worker’s rights movements.

    11. “Transition from Industrial Revolution to Present Era”: Chronicles how the advancements from the Industrial Revolution laid the foundation for our modern-day industrial and technological landscape.