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    History – Main Figures in the Middle Ages

    1. Charlemagne (Charles the Great) – An article discussing Charlemagne, a significant monarch during the Middle Ages who ruled over a vast territory in Western and Central Europe (now called the Carolingian Empire), detailing his reign, military conquests, and enduring legacy in various aspects of society including education, culture, and governance.
    2. William the Conqueror – An exploration of the life of Duke William II of Normandy, who would become known as William the Conqueror following the successful Norman invasion of England in 1066, a turning point in English history and an event that brought about significant linguistic and cultural change in England.
    3. Eleanor of Aquitaine – This article focuses on one of the most powerful women during the Middle Ages, Eleanor, who was both Queen of France and England, in addition to being a key participant in the Second Crusade and the mother of various iconic monarchs, including Richard Lionheart and King John.
    4. Thomas Aquinas – A deep insight into the life and contributions of this significant philosopher and theologian whose writings, including the ‘Summa Theologica’, played an essential role in shaping Christian doctrine and philosophy, additionally serving as an intellectual foundation for western scholarship and philosophy.
    5. Genghis Khan – This article examines the life and achievements of the founder and Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, a sprawling realm that would become the largest contiguous empire in world history. The article delves into his revolutionary military strategies, his role in consolidating the Mongol tribes, and his global legacy.
    6. Joan of Arc – A review of the life of Joan of Arc, a saint and national heroine of France who played a decisive role in ending the Siege of OrlĂ©ans during the Hundred Years War. Her story is remarkable for her purported divine guidance, her swift rise to prominence, and her tragic trial and execution.
    7. Frederick II (Holy Roman Emperor) – An exploration of Frederick II’s reign, a complex figure known for his tumultuous relationship with the papacy, his rule over the Kingdom of Sicily and the Holy Roman Empire, and his role in shaping the culture and politics of Europe during the High Middle Ages.
    8. Hildegard of Bingen – Detailing the life and works of this remarkable female figure whose contributions spanned across numerous fields such as music, philosophy, and medicine. An ordained Benedictine abbess, Hildegard’s visionary theological texts, include major works like ‘Scivias’ and are essential reading in mystic literature.
    9. Richard the Lionheart – This article delves into the life of Richard I of England, popularly known as Richard the Lionheart, famed for his courage and leadership during the Third Crusade, his military acumen, and his enduring iconic status in popular culture.
    10. Pope Urban II – A comprehensive study of Pope Urban II, the pontiff who launched the First Crusade (1095) with the goal of reclaiming the Holy Land from Muslim control, bringing about a series of religious and military campaigns that deeply shaped the relations between Christianity and Islam.