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    History – Prehistory

    1. Human Evolution: This article would trace the journey of human evolution from the earliest recognizable hominins to Homo sapiens, the species to which modern humans belong. It would discuss early primates, the emergence of bipedalism, and important fossil findings as well as theories on why Homo sapiens became the dominant human species.
    2. Primitive Technology and Tools: This piece would focus on the development and use of tools and technology during the prehistoric period. Stone tools, fire control, wheel invention, and early construction methods would be among the topics covered.
    3. Hominin Migration Patterns: This section would explore the geographic movement of early human species. It would include theories on how and why those early humans spread from Africa to rest of the world.
    4. Prehistoric Art and Symbolism: This article would analyze the various forms of expression created by early humans, including cave paintings, sculptures, and early musical instruments, and what they indicate about prehistoric societies.
    5. Ice Ages and Climate Change: This entry would look at the influence of natural climatic shifts on prehistoric life, discussing glaciation cycles, the impact on flora and fauna, and how humans adapted for survival during these periods.
    6. Agriculture and the Neolithic Revolution: This article would examine the development of agriculture, animal domestication, pottery inception, and the permanent human settlements that arose as a result of these advancements.
    7. The Megafauna Extinction: This part would delve into the species of large animals that became extinct at the end of the Pleistocene era and the theories on whether climate change or human activity was responsible for their demise.
    8. Beginning of Metallurgy: This item would discuss the discovery and initial uses of metals, the transition from the Stone Age to the Bronze and Iron Ages, and how this development affected humanity’s way of life.
    9. Archaeological Methods and Major Discoveries of Prehistory: This entry would provide an overview of the techniques used by scientists to study prehistory, along with a recap of key fossil and artifact discoveries that have added to our understanding of this era.
    10. Origins of Language and Writing: The final article would tackle the origin of spoken and written languages, script development, and their impact on communication and societal organization during the prehistoric period.