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    James Rollins standalone novels

    1. Subterranean (1999)

    • Main plot: A team of specialists is sent into an uncharted cavern system in Antarctica. They are tasked with exploring unknown tunnels and making historic discoveries.
    • Key technologies/history: Advanced subterranean technology, prehistoric and uncharted underground ecosystems, and ancient human civilizations.

    2. Excavation (2000)

    • Main plot: Archaeologists uncover an ancient Incan city beneath the Andes Mountains. They encounter various traps and challenges rooted in historical mythology and mysterious substances.
    • Key technologies/history: Ancient Incan cultures, booby-trapped tunnels reminiscent of Indiana Jones-style adventures, and ancient biotechnology revolving around viral strains.

    3. Deep Fathom (2001)

    • Main plot: Former Navy SEAL Jack Kirkland leads a salvage operation on a sunken ship in the Pacific Ocean. They discover remnants of advanced ancient technology and must race against time to protect the world from catastrophic events caused by these discoveries.
    • Key technologies/history: Ancient lost cities like Atlantis, celestial alignments, and advanced, seemingly extraterrestrial technologies.

    4. Amazonia (2002)

    • Main plot: Nathan Rand is sent into the Amazon Rainforest to find out what happened to a previous expedition. They encounter unimaginable creatures and marvels created through biogenetic engineering rooted in indigenous lore.
    • Key technologies/history: Biological advancement through natural selection in isolated ecosystems, indigenous Amazonian cultures, and myths of lost worlds and cities.

    5. Ice Hunt (2003)

    • Main plot: Scientists discover a hidden ice station in the Arctic, where a U.S. submarine was lost years ago. They become embroiled in a struggle involving secretive biological experiments, ancient viruses, and military confrontations.
    • Key technologies/history: Arctic exploration, cryogenics, prehistoric viruses, and Cold War-era military secrets.

    6. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

    • Main plot: This novelization follows Indiana Jones as he discovers ancient alien artifacts and gets involved in a quest that spans multiple locations. It’s a tie-in with the movie of the same title.
    • Key technologies/history: Ancient alien artifacts, Mesoamerican archaeology, and Cold War rivalries.

    7. Altar of Eden (2009)

    • Main plot: Dr. Lorna Polk, a research scientist, investigates the wreckage of a ship carrying genetically modified animals. These animals hold the key to a greater conspiracy linked to advanced genetic manipulation and ancient biotech discoveries.
    • Key technologies/history: Genetic engineering, prehistoric creatures, and bio-conservation ethics.

    8. The Blood Gospel (2013) – Co-authored with Rebecca Cantrell

    • Main plot: Archaeologist Dr. Erin Granger teams up with Army Sergeant Jordan Stone and Father Rhun Korza to uncover a Gospel written by Christ’s own hand. They face ancient monsters and secretive organizations in a race against time.
    • Key technologies/history: Religious artifacts, vampire lore, historical puzzles tied to religious texts.