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    Nature – Ecology

    1. “Principles of Ecology”: An introductory article that covers the basic components, functions, and principles of ecology. It explores the importance of biodiversity, habitat maintenance, and ecosystem balance.
    2. “Population Ecology”: This focuses on population growth, regulation, and dynamics within specific ecosystems. It grapples with concepts like carrying capacity, population density, and patterns of dispersion.
    3. “Community Ecology”: This article examines the interactions and relationships between different species in a specific community. From mutual beneficial relationships to predator-prey dynamics, it uncovers how these links shape the natural world.
    4. “Ecosystems and Biomes”: This article describes the main types of ecosystems found globally, from deserts to tundra, along with the noticeable biomes – large communities of plants and animals that inhabit these areas.
    5. “Behavioural Ecology”: An exploration of how an organism’s behaviour influences and is influenced by its environment. Directly relating the actions and reactions of species to their survival and reproduction success.
    6. “Conservation Ecology”: Addresses the importance of conservation efforts in response to environmental threats like deforestation, climate change, and the extinction of species. It suggests various initiatives to preserve ecological balance and biodiversity.
    7. “Ecological Succession”: This in-depth piece delves into the process of succession, the predictable and gradual changes in species composition in a given area.
    8. “Evolutionary Ecology”: A fascinating discussion on how ecological factors have shaped the process of evolution over time. Concepts like natural selection, adaptation, and species diversification are thoroughly examined.
    9. “Paleoecology”: This article analyzes the state of our planet’s ecology in prehistoric times and what we can learn from historical shifts in ecosystems.
    10. “Human Impact on the Environment”: A sobering review of how human activities, particularly in the late 20th century, have threatened global ecosystems. It includes discussions on pollution, deforestation, overpopulation, and climate change.
    11. “Climate Change and Ecology”: A pertinent article that investigates the broad impacts of climate change on various ecosystems, emphasizing the interconnectivity of our planet’s natural systems.