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    Philosophy and Religion – Aesthetics

    1. Definition of Aesthetics
    This article would explore the origin of aesthetics as a field of study, its primary definitions, its context in the world of philosophy, and its primary concepts, providing a foundational understanding for readers.

    2. Classical Aesthetic Philosophy
    This entry would examine how the ancient Greeks, including Plato and Aristotle, viewed aesthetics, as well as their theories about beauty and the sublime.

    3. Aesthetics in the Middle Ages
    This article would delve into the aesthetic viewpoints of the Middle Ages, focusing on the interconnectedness of theologians’ and philosophers’ perspectives with prevailing religious beliefs, highlighting figures such as St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas.

    4. Renaissance Aesthetics
    Highlighting the transformation in aesthetic perspectives during the Renaissance period, stressing the renewed interest in beauty, nature, and form. Individuals like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo would be featured.

    5. Enlightenment Aesthetics
    An examination of how philosophers like Immanuel Kant and Edmund Burke shaped aesthetics during the Enlightenment, considering ideas like disinterestedness and the sublime.

    6. Romantic Aesthetics
    This article would delve into the shifts in aesthetic philosophy during the Romantic period, focusing on notions of individual expression, the sublime in nature, and emotion as a major component of aesthetic appreciation.

    7. Modern Aesthetics
    Discussing the 19th and early 20th-century views on aesthetics, with an emphasis on movements such as impressionism and expressionism. Scholars like Friedrich Nietzsche and thinkers like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung would be referenced.

    8. Aesthetics in the 20th Century
    Analyzing the growth and evolution of aesthetics in the 20th century, this piece would review movements such as abstract, postmodern and contemporary aesthetics, discussing key figures and works.

    9. Eastern Aesthetics
    This entry would present an exploration of non-Western aesthetic traditions, focusing on perspectives from cultures such as those in China, Japan, and India.

    10. Aesthetics of Music
    A dedicated article aiming to dissect how aesthetics is applied in the realm of music, reflecting on the work of great composers in the 90s, such as John Cage and Igor Stravinsky, among others.

    11. Aesthetics of Visual Art
    Detailing the analysis of visual art through aesthetics, this article would consider various artistic movements and prominent artists throughout history, up until the 90s.

    12. Aesthetics and Literature
    Challenging the reader with an in-depth examination of how aesthetics have shaped literature, with considerations from classical writings to the postmodern narratives of the 90s.

    13. Aesthetics and the Digital Age
    The article would capture the emergence and growth of digital art in the 90s, evaluating its impact on aesthetics with the advent of computer graphics and the internet.

    14. Aesthetics and Film
    Discussing the role and interpretation of aesthetics in cinema with an emphasis on the works of 90s filmmakers which reshaped visual storytelling.

    15. Future of Aesthetics
    Looking into the potential future of aesthetics, the final article would speculate on future trends and potential shifts in thought in the context of global, digital, and scientific progression underway.