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    Philosophy and Religion – Islam

    1. Five Pillars of Islam: A cardinal overview of the fundamental religious duties each Muslim is expected to perform. These consist of the Shahada (Faith), Salat (Prayer), Zakāt (Charity), Sawm (Fasting), and Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca).
    2. Prophet Muhammad: An in-depth profile of Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, this entry explores his life, teachings, revelations and his impact on the development of the religion.
    3. Islamic Culture and Society: An article delving into the richness and diversity of Islamic society and culture across different regions, exploring aspects such as architecture, art, literature, food, and family values.
    4. The Holy Quran: This item presents the Quran as Islam’s central religious text, dwelling on its origins, structure, primary teachings, and central significance in guiding the Islamic way of life.
    5. Islamic Calendar: Explains the Islamic Hijri calendar, including its lunar basis, its starting point (the Hijra), and its importance in determining Islamic holy days and rituals.
    6. Islamic Law (Sharia): An introductory account to Sharia law and jurisprudence (fiqh), covering its sources (such as Quran and Hadith), its divisions, and its influence on the social and moral conduct of Muslims.
    7. Islamic Sects: A segment examining the two main branches of Islam, Sunni, and Shia, and other sects. It also discusses their origins, beliefs, practices, and the historical and political factors that led to their emergence.
    8. The Crusades: Discusses the historical context of the Crusades from an Islamic perspective, emphasizing their impact on Islamic civilization throughout the Middle Ages.
    9. Islamic Golden Age: Highlights the period of significant scientific, economic, cultural, and medical advancements made during the Islamic Golden Age (8th-13th centuries).
    10. Mosques & Prayer: This article covers the role of mosques in Islam as places of community and worship, different types of mosques, and the importance of daily, communal, and special prayers in the religious practice of Muslims.
    11. Jihad: An insightful take on the multifaceted concept of Jihad, addressing both its spiritual significance as an internal struggle and its more controversial interpretations related to holy war.
    12. Women in Islam: Account that tackles the role, status, and rights that women are accorded in Islam, demonstrating various perspectives and debates within the Islamic world.