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    Science – Genetics

    1. “Introduction to Genetics”: This article would provide an overview of the basics of genetics, discussing the central concepts such as DNA, genes, and inheritance. It would also touch on the pivotal works of Gregor Mendel that laid the foundation of modern genetics.

    2. “Mendelian Genetics”: A comprehensive write-up dedicated to Mendel’s experiments, uncovering the laws of inheritance. It would detail his experiments with pea plants and the principles he deduced.

    3. “Genes and DNA”: This entry would delve deeper into the structure and function of DNA and genes, outlining the overall structure of the double helix, the roles of nucleotides, and how genetic information is encoded.

    4. “Human Genetics”: This article would discuss the role of genetics in determining inheritance patterns, physical attributes, and susceptibility to certain diseases in humans. It might also cover major accomplishments like the Human Genome Project.

    5. “Chromosomes and Karyotypes”: Describing how genes are organized on chromosomes, the role of chromosomes in cell division, and the significance of karyotypes in identifying certain genetic disorders.

    6. “Genetic Mutations”: A piece explaining how errors in DNA replication can result in genetic mutations, and how these mutations can lead to various genetic disorders.

    7. “Genetically Modified Organisms”: An article about the techniques and implications of manipulating an organism’s genes.

    8. “Population Genetics”: Focusing on the study of genetic composition in species populations over time. It would feature discussions about genetic drift, gene flow, and natural selection.

    9. “Genetic Diseases and Disorders”: This article would deal with a variety of common and rare genetic diseases, the mechanisms behind these conditions, and their patterns of inheritance.

    10. “Genetic Counseling”: This entry would cover the growing field of genetic counseling, including who might benefit from this service, what the counseling process involves, and ethical considerations.

    11. “Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology”: Would cover the methods and applications of genetic engineering and the evolution of biotechnology, forming the basics of modern genome editing tools used today.