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    Seven of Nine technologies

    1. Borg Nanoprobes: These are microscopic machines that reside in Seven’s bloodstream. They have a variety of functions including repairing damage to her body, protecting her from radiation and disease, and potentially assimilating others into the Borg collective.
    2. Ocular Implant: Replacing her right eye, this Borg piece of tech provides Seven with superior vision, allowing her to see beyond the normal visual spectrum. It also helps in processing complex data.
    3. Exoskeleton: This helps make her physically stronger and more resistant to damage compared with most humans.
    4. Cortical Node: This acts as the central processing unit for all other implants within Seven’s body. It is responsible for regulating all of her autonomous functions and controls the use of nanoprobes.
    5. Interplexing Beacon: This implant allowed Seven to maintain contact with the Borg Collective, but was later deactivated.
    6. Neural Transceiver: This implants allows slicewire access to Borg alcove interfaces, or to have a neural interface with a starship or another drone.
    7. Cortical Array: It increases her calculation and analysis strength. This tool helps her computing capabilities and memory retention.
    8. Subdermal Mesh: It provides protection and an alternative method of communication and control among Borg drones.
    9. Bio-Tubules: These are tiny injectors in Seven of Nine’s fingers that could introduce nanoprobes into a person’s body to assimilate them.
    10. Assimilation Tubules: Located on her wrists, these tubules can penetrate the victim’s skin and introduce nanoprobes, initiating the assimilation process.
    11. Personal Force Field: As indicated in several episodes, Seven of Nine has a personal force field to protect her from harm.
    12. Regeneration Alcove: While she sleeps within this alcove, it suppresses the Borg drones’ need for REM sleep and also serves to recharge her systems and repair damage.