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    Shadowrun Areas

    1. United Canadian and American States (UCAS): A federal republic formed from the remnants of the United States and Canada, UCAS represents a synthesis of past socio-political systems and dystopian futurism, filled with glassy skyscrapers, lighted megacorporation billboards, and the ever-present aroma of progress amid moral decay.
    2. Tir Tairngire: Spawned from the reclaimed western area of the old U.S., this elven nation embodies a blend of advanced tech and deep-rooted mysticism. The Council of Princes governs the land, the juxtaposition of modernity and archaic traditions lending it a unique charm.
    3. Seattle: An autonomous city within UCAS, Seattle is a haven for the shadow community. Factional battles between humans, metahumans, and megacorporations create a net of intrigue, making Seattle a goldmine for Shadowrunners.
    4. Aztlan: Formerly Mexico, Aztlan now stretches from Central America to the Southwestern U.S. Run by Aztechnology, Aztlan combines modern megacorporate capitalism with ancient Aztec culture, leading to an elaborate color-scheme of cyberpunk aesthetics.
    5. Japan and the Japanese Imperial State (JIS): Japan plays a significant role in the global economy and shadowrun activity. JIS holds strict immigration laws and strictly utilizes traditional values amidst alien cybernetic trends.
    6. Free City of Berlin: Berlin, in Shadowrun’s alternative history, has evolved into an anarchist sprawl controlled by gangs, squatters, and opportunistic corporations. A chaotic city with no central government, it’s a perfect playground for Shadowrunners.
    7. Confederation of American States (CAS): Formed after the collapse of the United States, the CAS reflects traditions of the old South. The capital, Richmond, is a blend of southern charm and the ugliness of political machinations.
    8. Council Island: Located in Seattle, Council Island is a zone of Native American control and serves as a neutral ground between the UCAS and the Native American Nations.
    9. Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone: A city-state governed by megacorporations where capitalism runs amok. Hong Kong exhibits a prosperous mix of east meets west, traditional temples co-existing with futuristic skyscrapers.
    10. Elven Nation of Tír na nÓg: Situated in Ireland, the Elven nation is a hotbed of elven nationalism, tribal politics, and ancient magic. Though steeped in mysticism, it’s also home to a dynamic blend of archaic and modern technologies.