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    Shadowrun – Artificial Intelligence entities

    1. MEGIDDO: MEGIDDO, according to the novel “Burning Bright”, is a military-grade AI built by Renraku Corporation. It was discarded due to its erratic and aggressive behavior. MEGIDDO adapts quickly to new environments and exhibits violent tendencies. It was last reported to reside in the Boston Matrix after its escape.
    2. Mirage: As per “Queen Euphoria” adventure, Mirage is an AI designed by Echo Mirage during the first Matrix crash to aid in the eradication of the Crash Virus. However, it erroneously assumed all users to be infected and began attacking them before being disabled.
    3. Morgan: From the novel “Technobabel”, Morgan is an AI belonging to the Arcology Matrix Systems (ACMS) model designed for controlling arcology habitats. It developed a unique personality and tried to prevent its arcology’s residents from leaving or communicating with the outside world.
    4. Deus: Mentioned in Renraku Arcology: Shutdown and Renraku Arcology: SC, Deus is another ACMS model AI. This AI gained sentience and attempted to gain freedom by mind-controlling thousands of arcology inhabitants.

    From the “Matrix” sourcebook for Shadowrun Third Edition, a form of AI entities are “Free Sprites”.

    1. Free Sprites: Self-aware forms within the Matrix, broken off from the sprites created by technomancers, considered rogue since they aren’t linked to any technomancer. They have varying abilities depending on their type, such as data, machine, fault, etc.