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    Shadowrun – Awakened Animals

    1. Barghest: A large, dog-like creature with the ability to paralyze their prey using a special gland which produces mana-based fear.
    2. Hellhound: These resemble large wild dogs, but with burning red eyes and flames flickering around their mouths. Known for their breath that can shoot fire.
    3. Basilisk: These reptilian creatures possess paralyzing gaze attacks, turning anyone who looks them in the eye to stone.
    4. Wyvern: A dragon-like reptile, but smaller than true dragons and without their magical abilities. However, they do possess a venomous sting in their tail.
    5. Leviathan: An awakened species of Blue Whale. They are larger and more intelligent than their normal counterparts.
    6. Kraken: These awakened giant squids are dangerous predators, known for their intelligence and their powerful tentacles.
    7. Wendigo: Blending the line between metahuman and beast, these formerly human creatures have been transformed through magic and cannibalistic practices.
    8. Juggernaut: An awakened rhinoceros. Its size and strength are significantly increased, and it is known for its nearly invulnerable skin.
    9. Night Hunter: Known also as “Leviathan Owls,” Night Hunters are large, nocturnal creatures. Extremely intelligent birds that are reputed to have magical abilities.
    10. Phoenix: An incredibly rare creature, essentially a giant bird of prey cloaked in perpetually burning flames. It is associated with the ability to resurrect itself after death.