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    Shadowrun – Awakened plants

    1. Awakened Ivy (Hedera helix sapiens): This plant has broad, evergreen leaves and can grow on a variety of terrains. Its unique feature is the astral shadow it projects, which is much stronger than most other plants. Awakened Ivy is known to detect presence through vibrations in its leaves.
    2. Awakened Cacti (Cactaceae Sapiens): These cacti have developed psychic defenses and use them to protect their water reserves. Unwary intruders will find themselves racked with hallucinations and unbearable thirst.
    3. Herb of Eternal Sleep (Solanum somnifera): This belladonna variant induces a comatose state in those who ingest it. While incredibly dangerous, it is also used in some advanced medical treatments and for magical rites.
    4. Devil’s Weed (Datura stramonium astralis): Devil’s weed is an awakened variant of the common Jimson weed. Its flowers are a luminescent purple, and its pollen has potent hallucinogenic properties. It’s often used by shamans and other magical practitioners.
    5. Horrific Fern (Polypodiopsida horrendus): This aggressive plant species uses its astrally active spores to control small animals. When the animal dies, the plant absorbs nutrients to grow.
    6. Pixels (Selaginella pixilis): These tiny plants cluster together, giving the illusion of a solid mass. They can align themselves to create different patters or symbols. Some use them for simple, natural signage or in artistic installations.
    7. Weeping Willow (Salix Babylonica Spiritus): These trees are said to harbor spirits that can command the tree to emit a strong emotional aura of sadness. Prized by some talismongers for its willow bark, which has enhanced magical properties.
    8. Laughing Grass (Gramineae risum): Laughing Grass grows in dense mats and produces a pollen that, when inhaled, induces fits of uncontrollable laughter.
    9. Sensitive Fern (Onoclea sensibilis aestus): These ferns have developed a physical sensitivity to heat and respond instantly to large increases in temperature by wilting.