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    Shadowrun – Awakening timeline

    1. 2011 – The Awakening: This is the pivotal moment that set the stage for Shadowrun’s unique blend of fantasy and cyberpunk. On Dec 24, 2011, the world “Awakens,” leading to the re-emergence of magic and mythical creatures. People start transforming into elves and dwarves, dragons are sighted, and children are born as new races (orks and trolls).
    2. 2021 – The Great Ghost Dance: The Native American tribes unite under the leadership of Daniel Howling Coyote, a powerful magician. In 2021, to resist US oppression, Howling Coyote performed the Great Ghost Dance, a powerful ritual causing several natural disasters across the United States.
    3. 2022 – Treaty of Denver: In aftermath of Great Ghost Dance, the U.S. government negotiate with the Native American Nations, resulting in the Treaty of Denver. This treaty cedes a vast swathe of North American territory to the NAN.
    4. 2024 – The Dragon Dunkelzahn Public Appearance: The Western Dragon Dunkelzahn makes his first public appearance, speaking for 12 hours in Denver, leading to a widespread change in human perspective on metahumanity and magic.
    5. 2030 – The Year of Chaos: A spike in violent awakenings, conflicts, and mysterious events occur. In particular, the Night of Rage saw anti-metahuman riots erupt in several cities worldwide. This year was also known for increase in the magical ‘mana’ levels.
    6. 2033 – Aztlan embraces Blood Magic: The nation of Aztlan (formerly Mexico) officially embraces blood magic, alarming the international community and escalating tensions.
    7. 2056 – Dunkelzahn’s Presidency and Assassination: The great dragon Dunkelzahn runs for and wins the UCAS Presidential Election. However, he’s mysteriously assassinated on the night of his inauguration, leading to widespread turmoil. His will, however, establishes the Draco Foundation to responsibly disseminate his vast holdings to further the understanding and protection of metahumanity and magic.
    8. 2057 – Ares Macrotechnology Landing on Mars: Although not directly magical, the first successful manned landing on Mars by Ares Macrotechnology discovers evidence of an ancient, magic-using civilization, leading to another significant push in understanding of magic.
    9. 2061 – The Year of the Comet: Appearance of Halley’s Comet triggers another surge in ambient mana levels. This leads to SURGE (Sudden Unexplained Recessive Genetic Expression), creating new metahuman variants and magical anomalies.