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    Shadowrun condensed timeline

    1. 1999: Seretech Decision – The U.S. Supreme Court establishes the rights of corporations to maintain a private security force, laying the groundwork for corporations to gain greater autonomy and power.
    2. 2001: The Year of Chaos – Numerous worldwide catastrophes occur, including the crash of the New York Stock Exchange and the release of a cyber virus known as “Crash”, causing extensive technological damage and angst.
    3. 2011: The Awakening – Magic returns to the world, causing numerous changes, including changes to the earth and the emergence of new species like elves, dwarves, orks, and trolls.
    4. 2012-2015: Birth of the Megacorporations – Several corporations, such as Aztechnology and Saeder-Krupp, use the chaos of awakening to consolidate their power and become ‘Megacorporations’.
    5. 2018: The Treaty of Denver – The United States, Canada, and the Native American Nations sign the Treaty of Denver, effectively ceding parts of North America to various Native American Nations.
    6. 2021: The Euro Wars Begin – Conflict largely caused by tensions between the European Economic Community (EEC) and the Eastern European Alliance (EEA), lasting until 2028.
    7. 2029: Crash 2.0 – A devastating second worldwide cybernetic crash, causing significant economic and infrastructural damage.
    8. 2030: Emergence of the Matrix – The replacement for the old Internet, the Matrix is a virtual reality network accessible via direct neural interface.
    9. 2036: The Year of the Comet – A major astral event which leads to “surge” (Sudden Racial or Genetic Expression) causing in some humans an immediate emergence of previously unknown metahuman traits.
    10. 2050: Shadowrun 3rd Edition begins – The complex world of politics, magic and technology now firmly established, shadowrunners become more critical to corporations, governments and other power groups.
    11. 2060-2064: Tempo-Drug War – A new drug named “Tempo” redefines the underworld and creates a bloody conflict extending into the corporate and political world.
    12. 2064: Crash 2.0 ends – With aid from technomancers and artificial intelligences, the Matrix is finally restored, massively reshaped and now wireless.