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    Shadowrun – Creatures geography 2

    CritterDescriptionCountryPhysical CharacteristicsPotential Powers
    BandersnatchType of Sasquatch, often portrayed as an invisible creatureUCASTall, long arms, powerful physique, fur-covered bodyInvisibility, Enhanced sense of smell
    BasiliskReptilian creature known for its petrifying gazeWorldwideLong-necked, lizard-like creature, often greenish in hueGaze attack which petrifies opponents
    Beast SpiritsSpirit manifestations of physical animalsWorldwide in Astral planeVarying based on their animal formVarious, based on type of animal spirit and its power level
    Devil RatMutated rats of enormous sizeWorldwideRat-like with vicious teeth, about the size of a large house catNone
    DragonPowerful, intelligent reptile-like creaturesWorldwideWinged, enormous, a variety of colors and speciesMagic, Breath weapons, Immunity to normal weapons
    HellhoundFire-breathing caninesWorldwideDog-sized with burning eyes and a fiery auraFire Breath, Thermographic vision
    SpriteNature spirits linked to elementsUCASSmall, fairy-like with ethereal glowInvisibility, Astral Form
    VampireInfected human with a vampiric essenceWorldwideHuman-like, often pale, and with characteristic fangsEnhanced strength and speed, Regeneration, Immunity to age
    WendigoInfected creature, with cannibalistic tendenciesNorth AmericaSimilar to Sasquatch, with antlers, white fur, and red eyesEnhanced strength, Regeneration
    YetiShy, powerful humanoidHimalayasGiant, ape-like creature covered in white furEnhanced strength and resilience
    Creature NameArea/CountryPhysical Characteristics
    HellhoundWorldwideLarge canine with red eyes, emits heat and flames
    Fenrir WolfScandinaviaLarge, muscular wolf with azure fur highlighting, known for strength and aggression
    CockatriceNorth AmericaChicken-like creature with snakes’ tail and bat wings, its gaze could petrify
    BarghestWorldwide/Urban AreasLarger than average dogs, with bat-like face and oversized jaws. Able to affect emotions of those nearby
    SasquatchPacific Northwest, USAResembles Bigfoot, tall heavily-muscled humanoid covered in hair
    Shapeshifter (wolf)WorldwideHumans with ability to shift into a wolf-like form. Appearances in both forms are variable
    BasiliskCentral EuropeMedium-sized reptile, gaze is fatal to all who lock eyes with it
    JuggernautAustralasiaResembles a triceratops with even more bulk and muscle. Extremely strong and resilient
    WendigoNorth AmericaTall thin humanoid with white fur, large antler horns. Able to induce cannibalistic hunger in humans
    Water SpriteWorldwide/Water bodiesAmorphous blue-tinted shape-shifter, resides near clean water sources
    Cyber-ZombieUrban AreasHuman corpse animated through cybernetics and magic, physically enhanced but suffering severe psychological trauma