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    Shadowrun Creatures

    1. Dracoforms: Among the most powerful beings in the Shadowrun universe are the dragons, or Dracoforms. They are divided into Western Dragons, Eastern Dragons, Feathered Serpents, and Sea Serpents. Each encompasses a wide range of intelligence, magical ability and physical prowess.
    2. Barghests: These large wild dogs feature in many European legends. In the Shadowrun universe, they can induce fear in their opponents, being removed from regular canids due to their magical abilities which derive from the astral plane.
    3. Hellhounds: Hellhounds are a type of Awakened canine with a fiery bite and a propensity for working together in packs. Their ability to breathe fire, and their immunity to it, make them fearsome adversaries.
    4. Basilisks: Massive, reptilian creatures that can petrify their prey. A beast with a terrifying gaze, those who cross paths with this creature risk being turned to stone.
    5. Parashield Scorpions: Giant scorpions that are mammalian instead of insectoid, known to ambush their prey. Uniquely awful, they can spew a stream of noxious gases at a target, with incapacitating results.
    6. Wendigos: Awakened versions of metahumans transformed by a strain of Human Meta-Human Vampiric Virus (HMHVV). Wendigos retain their intelligence but are driven by a hunger for human flesh.
    7. Night Ones: Nocturnal elves turned vampiric from contracting HMHVV. They have heightened senses in the dark which they use to their advantage, preying on unsuspecting victims under the cover of night.
    8. Bandersnatchii: Invisibility is their primary weapon, making them very difficult to detect without the aid of magic. Imbued with the ability of physical camouflage, they can blend perfectly into their background.
    9. Devil Rats: Large, mutated rats that have powerful jaws, able to tear pieces off their victims. Despite their size, they’re known for their surprising speed and agility in battle.
    10. Sasquatch: Also known as Bigfoot in North America, Sasquatches are highly intelligent and elusive bipeds covered with hair. They communicate through a combination of signed language and a mimicry ability.
    11. Kraken: Massive sea creatures with a multitude of powerful tentacles, found in the deepest parts of the ocean in the Sixth World. Stories describe how they can pull entire ships under the sea.