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    Shadowrun – Matrix timeline

    1. 2010: The Awakening – As the world transitions into the Sixth World, magic returns causing widespread chaos and evolution, though this does not directly impact the development of the Matrix. This context, however, plays a role in framing the evolution of the Shadowrun universe.
    2. 2021: Emergence of AIs– The supercomputer ARES predictably becomes self-aware, marking the first emergence of Artificial Intelligence. This event pushes the boundaries of technology, leading towards the creation of the Matrix.
    3. 2027: Foundation of Echo Mirage– Faced with a lethal computer virus, the U.S. Government forms Echo Mirage, a cyber-commando team equipped with experimental cyberterminals.
    4. 2034: The First Matrix – After the crash of 2029, a highly regulated, new computer network system is designed by the Corporate Court. It is known as the Matrix. The Matrix is seen as a vast virtual reality where users can interact with data and each other in real time.
    5. 2060s: Matrix 2.0 – Matrix technology continues to evolve, incorporating elements of virtual reality and making Matrix usage accessible to the masses. Cyberdecks are replaced with commlinks, transforming the Matrix into an integral part of daily life.
    6. 2064: Second Matrix Crash – Widespread matrix crashes lead to data loss and panic. Following this, a new Matrix design begins – the wireless Matrix, which is also known as Matrix 3.0 in later sources.