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    Shadowrun – Metahumans and creatures

    1. 1990 (~): Emergence of Magical Phenomenon – With the Awakening, the world underwent a greatly increased presence of magical activity. Mythical creatures such as dragons and other magical beings made a reappearance.
    2. 2001: Dragon Sighting – The dragon Ryumyo is sighted over Mount Fuji, becoming the first confirmed existence of mythical creatures in the modern world.
    3. 2011: Goblinization – Major world-wide event where a percentage of humans began transforming into Orks and Trolls (collectively known as ‘metahumans’), causing widespread panic, discrimination, and prejudice.
    4. 2021: Night of Rage – A catastrophic event of racial aggression against metahumanity, leading to significant loss of metahuman lives.
    5. 2022: Lone Eagle Incident – A terrorist attack results in the explosion and meltdown of a nuclear power plant, transforming the area into a desolate wasteland inhabited by strange magical creatures.
    6. 2036: Year of Chaos – The Great Ghost Dance ritual is performed by Native American tribes, leading to the devastating eruption of several volcanoes. Many spirits and creatures were reported to appear during this event.
    7. 2048: Elven Nation of Tir Tairngire – The nation-state of Tir Tairngire was declared by elves, exemplifying the growing political and societal autonomy of metahumans.
    8. 2053: Ancient Dragon Ghostwalker – After the Rift opens in Denver, Ghostwalker, an ancient dragon, emerges and claims control of Denver, leading to increased tension with metahumans and normal humans alike.
    9. 2056: Amazonia Dragon War – War sparked in Amazonia led by feathered serpent Sirrurg who targeted human-dominated areas, heightening interspecies conflict.
    10. 2058: Theran War – The sky over the city-state of Thera manifests magical creatures and beings not previously seen in the Sixth World.
    11. 2061: Year of the Comet – The passing of Halley’s Comet caused widespread SURGE (Sudden Recessive Genetic Expression), leading to further physical transformations amongst metahumans and continuing to highlight societal diversity and complications.