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    Shadowrun Races

    1. Humans (Homo Sapiens):
    The archetype species of the entire metahuman race from which other sub-species evolved. Humans in Shadowrun are similar to modern-day humans with a wide range of physical and mental characteristics. They possess no particular augmented abilities but adapt to all fields of expertise, making them incredibly flexible.

    2. Elves (Homo Sapiens Nobilis):
    Elves are the next step in human evolution with pointed ears, tall and slim built bodies, and high aesthetics. They have a natural agility with enhanced reflexes and perceptual abilities but are often stereotyped as aloof. They also have the potential for extended life, with some living centuries.

    3. Dwarves (Homo Sapiens Pumilionis):
    Dwarves are short and sturdy metahumans, averaging around 4 feet in height with highly resilient bodies. They possess excellent resistance to toxins and disease and are known for their exceptional strength and durability in extreme conditions. There’s a cultural stereotype that dwarves are technologically inclined.

    4. Orks (Homo Sapiens Robustus):
    Orks, resembling the Orcs from ancient Earth folklore, are larger and more robust than humans. They are characterized by their prominent brows, lower canine tusks, and muscular frames. Orks often suffer from societal prejudice due to their appearance, despite their considerable strength and resilience.

    5. Trolls (Homo Sapiens Ingentis):
    Trolls are the largest metahuman species with physical traits including horns, bulkier bodies, and tough, armor-like skin. They possess immense physical strength and resilience, but their size often causes practical challenges in an urban environment. As a result, some trolls are marginally accepted or ostracized by society.

    6. Ghouls (Homo Sapiens Vrykolakas):
    Ghouls are metahumans, often victims of a virus known as the Human Meta-Human Vampiric Virus (HMHVV). These creatures are blind but possess heightened senses and increased physical prowess. They are common targets of prejudice due to their unique nutritional needs and disconcerting appearance.

    7. Shifters (Homo Sapiens Variabilis):
    A class of metahumans gifted with the ability to transition from human form to animal form, Shifters are further categorized into several types based on the animal form they possess. Their particular advantages or attributes depend on their animal-centric traits.