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    Shadowrun – VITAS and SURGE

    2010VITAS Outbreak 1:
    The first VITAS outbreak occurs, devastating the world’s population. This plague, with a mortality rate of approximately 25%, forever changes the landscape of global civilization. Governments, economies, and societal institutions shudder under the weight of the loss.

    2011The Awakening:
    Magic has come back to the world, and with it, the reemergence of magical races (known as ‘metahumanity’, which includes the likes of elves, dwarves, orcs, and trolls). This event, known as The Awakening, altered the course of the world, causing tensions and restructuring social orders.

    2022VITAS Outbreak 2:
    A second outbreak of VITAS appears. This time, the mortality rate hovers around 10%, but the effects are no less devastating. Lives, economies, and governments continue to adjust and crumble in the aftermath of the outbreak.

    2029Crash 2.0:
    Technological progress takes a hit as “Crash 2.0” occurs, crippling Matrix systems worldwide due to a combination of virus attacks and an Artificial Intelligence named Deus. Society must struggle to rebuild in the aftermath of this unprecedented technological disaster.

    2055First signs of SURGE (Sudden Unexplained Recessive Genetic Expression):
    In numerous individuals of all metahuman races, unexpected and drastic physical changes begin to appear resulting from dormant, ‘junk’ DNA becoming active. These changes are dubiously accepted by society at large, leading to further upheaval and prejudice.

    2061Year of the Comet:
    An astral event known as the Year of the Comet amplifies magical activity, resulting in a more concentrated wave of SURGE cases. These so-called “Changelings” experience even more extreme transformations, pushing the boundaries of societal acceptance.

    2064Second Matrix Crash:
    Another terrible disaster befalls the world. The Matrix, the global network connecting people and information, crashes again, causing widespread turmoil and chaos.

    2065 and onwardsPost-Surge era:
    The fallout of SURGE continues to influence society, as the world grapples with the unpredictable nature of recursively active “junk” DNA causing further metahuman mutations. In addition, the world continues to recover and adapt to the changing technological and magical landscape due to the effects of the Matrix Crashes and the rise of wireless Matrix technology