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    Tables – Archaeological documents from antiquity

    No.Name of the DocumentOriginated FromApproximate DateSignificance
    1.Rosetta StoneEgypt196 BCETri-lingual stele that unlocked the secrets of hieroglyphics
    2.Dead Sea ScrollsIsraelBetween 150 BCE and 70 CEIncluded vital religious text and provided insight into the ancient Jewish community
    3.Epic of GilgameshMesopotamiaAround 2100 BCEOne of the oldest known pieces of literature
    4.Code of HammurabiBabylonAround 1754 BCEOldest decoded written legal system
    5.The Elgin Marbles (Parthenon Marbles)GreeceAround 447–438 BCERepresents a significant part of ancient Greek’s artistic achievements
    6.Behistun InscriptionIranAround 500 BCECrucial for deciphering cuneiform, the script used during the Achaemenid Empire
    7.The Nabonidus ChronicleBabylonAround 556–539 BCEHistorical text providing a timeline of the last neo-Babylonian king
    8.Antikythera MechanismGreeceAround 1st–2nd century BCEEarliest discovered analog computing device
    9.Book of KellsIrelandAround 800 ADIlluminated manuscript of the four Gospels in the Bible
    10.The Maya CodicesMayaAround 1250-1550 ADFew remaining documents from the Maya