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    Tables – Areas of the human brain

    Brain AreaGeneral Assumed Function
    Prefrontal CortexResponsible for cognitive functions like thinking, decision-making, and planning
    Frontal LobeInvolved in voluntary movement, attention, and goal-oriented behaviors
    Temporal LobeHelps in processing auditory information and is involved in memory
    Parietal LobePlays a key role in spatial awareness and perception
    Occipital LobePrimarily involved in vision
    CerebellumCoordinates voluntary movements and balance
    HippocampusCrucial for memory formation and navigation
    AmygdalaInvolved in emotion regulation, particularly fear and anxiety
    HypothalamusRegulates basic bodily functions such as hunger, thirst, and sleep
    ThalamusActs as a relay station, sending sensory information to respective parts of the cerebral cortex
    Medulla OblongataControls involuntary functions like heart rate, breathing, and digestion
    Corpus CallosumConnects the two cerebral hemispheres and enables communication between them