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    Tables – Beaufort scale

    Beaufort NumberNameWind Speed (mph)Wind Speed (km/h)Effects on LandEffects at Sea
    0Calm<1<1Smoke rises vertically.Sea like a mirror.
    1Light Air1-31-5Direction shown by smoke driftRipples with appearance of scales.
    2Slight Breeze4-76-11Wind felt on face; leaves rustle.Small wavelets; crests glassy.
    3Gentle Breeze8-1212-19Leaves and small twigs move.Large wavelets; crests begin to break.
    4Moderate Breeze13-1820-28Branches move; dust and loose paper raised.Small waves; fairly frequent white horses.
    5Fresh Breeze19-2429-38Small trees with leaves begin to sway.Moderate waves; many white horses.
    6Strong Breeze25-3139-49Large branches move; difficulty with umbrellas.Long waves start to form; foam white.
    7Near Gale32-3850-61Whole trees move; inconvenience walking.Sea heaps up; foam from breaking waves.
    8Gale39-4662-74Twigs broken off; walking difficult.Moderately high waves; edges of crests break.
    9Strong Gale47-5475-88Minor structural damage starts.High waves; sea begins to roll.
    10Storm55-6389-102Trees uprooted; considerable damage.Very high waves; sea takes white appearance.
    11Violent Storm64-72103-117Widespread damage.Exceptionally high waves; small/mid-sized ships disappear.
    12Hurricane>73>118Severe and extensive damage.Air filled with foam; sea completely white.