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    Tables – Biodiversity hotspots

    Biodiversity HotspotRecognized As a HotspotBrief Description
    Tropical Andes1988Recognized for the highest richness of plant and vertebrate species, this hotspot is diverse due to its altitude variation and climate.
    Tumbes-Choc√≥-Magdalena1990Situated along the Pacific coast of South America, it’s noted for its tremendous floral diversity.
    Sundaland1992Located in Southeast Asia, Sundaland includes the western half of the Indo-Malayan archipelago and is home to significant mammalian, bird, and plant diversity.
    Mediterranean Basin1996Characterized by its unique and rich plant biodiversity. It harbors approximately 25,000 plant species, 60% of which are unique to this region.
    California Floristic Province1996Known for its variety of endemic and threatened species, particularly related to plant life.
    Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands2000Known for its incredibly high endemism level and unique species, such as various types of lemurs.
    Eastern Afromontane2003Stretches across a series of highlands in eastern Africa, it’s home to a wealth of unique, endemic species.
    Guinean Forests of West Africa2006Covers a series of highlands and forests, with a high level of mammalian and bird diversity.
    New Caledonia2008Known for its high percentage of unique plant diversity.
    Himalaya2011Home to significant diversity, largely due to its varied climates and high-altitude environment.