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    Tables – Condemned: Criminal Origins forensic tools

    Forensic ToolUsage
    UV LightUsed to find traces of fluids (like blood) that aren’t visible to the naked eye.
    Laser LightUtilized to highlight certain types of blood and other fluids.
    Gas SpectrometerDetects and measures gas particles in the environment. Can find otherwise invisible residue.
    3D ScannerThis tool is used for scanning objects and areas in a 3D mode. It helps in extrapolating depth information.
    Digital CameraTo take photos of crime scene evidence or various clues.
    Sampling DeviceUsed for collecting physical evidence like fibers or specific particles. A tool for the hands-on detective.
    Fingerprint Brush and Dusting KitUsed for collecting fingerprints from surfaces.
    Voice RecorderIt allows the protagonist to record observations for further analysis.