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    Tables – Lost libraries

    No.Library NameLocationPeriodBrief Description
    1Library of AlexandriaAlexandria, Egypt3rd Century BCOne of the greatest libraries of the ancient world, famous for its vast collection.
    2Library of PergamumPergamum, Turkey2nd Century BCKnown to have been a prominent cultural and learning center.
    3Nalanda University LibraryBihar, India5th Century ADA prominent center of learning in ancient India, was destroyed by invaders.
    4Imperial Library of ConstantinopleConstantinople, Turkey4th – 15th CenturyRenowned for its significant collection of Greek and Latin texts.
    5The Library of Carthagenear Tunis, TunisiaUnknownDestroyed during the Roman conquest of Carthage.
    6The Mayan CodicesYucatan, MexicoPre-16th CenturyMost were destroyed by Spanish conquerors in an effort to eradicate indigenous beliefs.
    7Library of the SerapeumAlexandria, Egypt3rd Century BCDaughter library to the Library of Alexandria, also destroyed.
    8Library of CelsusEphesus, Turkey2nd Century ADNamed after Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus, a rich Roman consul and governor.
    9Library of BaghdadBaghdad, Iraq8th – 13th CenturyKnown as the House of Wisdom, it was a major intellectual center during the Islamic Golden Age.
    10Library of AshurbanipalNineveh, Iraq7th Century BCThe earliest surviving royal library, containing texts and tablets from all over Assyria.