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    Tables – Lost treasures

    S.NoName of the Lost TreasureBrief Description
    1The Amber RoomOnce known as the “eighth wonder of the world”, it was crafted entirely of amber, gold and precious jewels. It was looted by Nazis during World War II and has never been recovered.
    2The Lost Fabergé EggsRussian Tsars used to gift Fabergé Eggs made of precious metals and gems during Easter. While 50 of such eggs are known to exist, 7 are missing.
    3The Treasure of the Flor de la MarThis Portuguese ship sank off the coast of Sumatra during a storm in 1511, taking with it a valuable hoard of gold, silver, and jewels. Its wreckage has never been officially located.
    4The Treasure of the Copper ScrollsOne of the Dead Sea Scrolls refers to a hidden cache of gold and silver. Despite several attempts, this huge treasure remains undiscovered.
    5The Lost Treasure of LimaIn 1820, to protect their wealth from the incoming revolutionaries, the Spanish compiled a huge stash of gold, silver, jewels and other valuables somewhere in the mountains of Lima, Peru which remains undiscovered.
    6The Forrest Fenn TreasureArtifact-collector Forrest Fenn left a treasure estimated to be worth over a million dollars somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, along with a mysterious poem of clues. As of June 2020, the treasure has supposedly been found.
    7The Oak Island Money PitA rumored buried treasure, it’s prompted countless expeditions since the late 1700s with everyone from casual adventurers to Franklin D. Roosevelt participating. The treasure, if any, remains a mystery.
    8The Mosby’s TreasureDuring the U.S. Civil War, confederate John Mosby hid his treasures somewhere in the woods near Fairfax Courthouse in Virginia. Its precise location remains unknown.
    9The Lost Dutchman’s Gold MineA famous high-grade gold mine supposedly located in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. Despite countless searches, its location remains a secret.
    10King John’s TreasureLost in 1216 in The Wash, an estuary in eastern England, it’s said to contain treasures from the Crown Jewels and silver plates. Its precise location remains a mystery.