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    Tables – Main components of GPU

    CoreThe core helps in processing graphics units. There can be multiple cores in a GPU for faster processing.
    MemoryThe GPU has its own memory to store data and perform calculations. This is separate from the system’s RAM.
    Memory BusThe memory bus transports data between the GPU and its memory. The width of the bus affects the speed at which data can be transferred.
    Shader UnitsThese programmable processors perform the calculations of shading and texturing pixels. They are an essential component in rendering 3D images and graphics.
    Texture Mapping Units (TMU)TMUs are used to map textures onto 3D models. In other words, they turn polygons into detailed and textured objects that appear realistic.
    Render Output Units (ROP)ROPs are responsible for drawing the pixels at the final stage of rendering. They control anti-aliasing and deliver the final image to the screen.