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    Tables – Memory Cards

    Memory Card TypeCapacitySpeedUse Case
    SD CardUp to 2GBUp to 25 MB/sDigital cameras, handheld computers
    SDHC Card2GB – 32 GBUp to 30 MB/sDigital cameras, DSLRs, HD video cameras
    SDXC Card32GB – 2TBUp to 300 MB/sDSLRs, HD and 4K video cameras
    MicroSD CardUp to 2GBUp to 25 MB/sSmartphones, GPS, digital cameras
    MicroSDHC Card2GB – 32GBUp to 30 MB/sSmartphones, GPS, digital cameras
    MicroSDXC Card32GB – 2TBUp to 160 MB/sSmartphones, HD video cameras
    CompactFlash32MB – 512GBUp to 160 MB/sDSLR cameras, professional photography
    XQD Card16GB – 2TBUp to 440 MB/sHigh-speed photography, 4K video recording
    CFexpress Card128GB – 2TBUp to 1750 MB/sHigh-speed photography, 4K and 8K video recording