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    Tables – Military sensor hardware

    Sensor TypePurposeExample Applications
    Radar SensorsDetection, tracking, and identification of objects.Aircraft detection, missile guidance systems.
    LIDAR SensorsDetection and mapping of objects on earth’s surface.Terrain mapping, target recognition.
    Infrared Sensors (IR)Detecting infrared energy (heat), converts into an electronic signal, which can be processed to produce thermal images.Night-vision equipment, heat-seeking missiles.
    Sonar SensorsDetect objects on or under the surface of water.Submarine detection, navigation, underwater communication.
    Ultraviolet Sensors (UV)Facility security, missile warning.UV missile warning systems, UV Flame detection.
    Acoustic SensorsDetect and measure sound.Submarine detection, gunfire locator systems.
    Magnetic SensorsDetect magnetic field or changes in magnetic field.Mine detection, vehicle detection.
    Chemical SensorsDetect specific chemical agents.Chemical attack detection.
    Biometric SensorsIdentify individuals based on physical or behavioral traits.Access control, identity verification.
    Laser SensorsRanging, targeting, and countermeasures.Laser-guided weapon systems, laser rangefinders.