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    Tables – Moons in the solar system

    Moon NamePlanetDiameter (km)Noteworthy Facts
    Moon (Luna)Earth3,474.2Only moon of Earth, first and only moon visited by humans.
    IoJupiter3,643.2Most volcanically active body in the solar system.
    TitanSaturn5,149.4Only moon in the solar system with a substantial atmosphere.
    GanymedeJupiter5,268.2Largest moon in the solar system.
    CallistoJupiter4,821Most heavily cratered object in the solar system.
    TritonNeptune2,706.8Orbits Neptune in the opposite direction of the planet’s rotation.
    TitaniaUranus1,578Largest moon of Uranus.
    CharonPluto (Dwarf Planet)1,212So big compared to Pluto that they are sometimes considered a double dwarf planet.