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    Tables – Norse gods and godesses

    God/Goddess NameDescription
    OdinOdin is the Allfather of the gods, and the ruler of Asgard. He is associated with wisdom, war, battle, and death, and also magic, poetry, prophecy.
    ThorThor is the god of thunder, strength, storm, and protection of mankind. He is known for his mighty hammer Mjølnir.
    LokiLoki is a trickster god. He is the father of Hel, the wolf Fenrir, and the world serpent Jörmungandr.
    FreyjaShe is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. Also linked with war, wealth, and seiðr magic.
    FreyrFreyr is the god of peace, fertility, prosperity and associated with sacred law and rain.
    HeimdallThe god who protects Asgard, the realm of gods. He stays at his post in Himinbjörg, where he watches and listens, maintaining the security of the passages to Asgard.
    BalderGod of light, joy, purity, and the summer sun.
    TyrGod of war and esteemed martial hero. Tyr is also associated with law and justice.
    FriggGoddess wife of Odin and is associated with foresight and wisdom.
    NjordAn older god of the sea and is associated with sea-faring.
    SkadiGoddess associated with bowhunting, skiing, winter, and mountains.
    IdunGoddess who had in her possession an apple which the gods, when they feel old age approaching, have only to taste of to become young again.
    HelThe goddess of the underworld called Hel, she is the daughter of Loki.
    BragiGod of eloquence and poetry, he is also known for his wisdom.
    EirGoddess of healing.
    RanSea goddess who collects drowned people in her net.
    HodrBlind god of darkness and winter.
    SifGoddess of earth and harvest, and the wife of Thor.
    Sol (Sunna)Goddess of the sun, driving the chariot of the sun across the sky each day.
    MániGod of the moon who steers the moon chariot’s course.