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    Tables – Object oriented programming

    1967Ideas of Encapsulation/Object, Methods, and Message Passing were introducedSimula 67 (mathematical modeling)
    1971Concept of InheritanceSimula 67
    1972Implementation of object-based languagesSmalltalk
    1974Classes and Instances, Dynamic TypingSmalltalk
    1972The idea of block structures (related to closure functionality in OOP)ALGOL 68
    1979Mixins as a way to do multiple inheritancesFLAVORS (a programming language)
    1980Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism well-distinctSmalltalk-80
    1983Object-Oriented programming principles were applied to improve software developmentAda
    1985The first pure object-oriented programming languageC++
    1986Introduction of garbage collectionObjective-C
    1986Concept of Exception Handling in an object contextCLU (programming language)
    1990The design and creation of visual objects (Visual Programming) were introducedSelf
    1991Introduction of JVM (Java Virtual Machine), Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) conceptJava
    1993First Appeared Ruby, All data is in fact an object, Including variables and constantsRuby
    1995Simplified memory management, behavior sharing with Prototypical inheritanceJavaScript
    1995Immutable objects to handle data and functions as objectsHaskell
    2000Generics (For dealing with type safety)C# (Common Language Runtime – CLR)
    2015Introduction of Swift language, OptionalsSwift
    2020Pattern matching and Record typesC# 9.0