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    Tables – Printing inventions

    InventionInventorYear Introduced
    Woodblock PrintingUnknown, used in East Asia200 AD
    Movable TypeBi Sheng1040 AD
    Printing PressJohannes Gutenberg1440 AD
    LithographyAlois Senefelder1796 AD
    Rotary PressRichard March Hoe1843 AD
    Web Offset PrintingWilliam Bullock1863 AD
    Hot Metal TypesettingOttmar Mergenthaler1884 AD
    PhototypesettingLouis Marius Moyroud and Rene Higonnet1949 AD
    Laser PrintingGary Starkweather1969 AD
    Inkjet PrintingCanon and Epson1970s-1980s
    3D PrintingChuck Hull1983 AD
    Digital PrintingBenny Landa1993 AD