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    Tables – Secret Societies

    Society NameCountryYear EstablishedShort Description
    FreemasonryScotland1717Freemasons are a fraternity known for their secretive meetings and rituals. They promote moral and spiritual values among members.
    The IlluminatiBavaria1776Initially created to oppose religious control over scientific research, they have now become a popular subject of conspiracy theories.
    Skull and BonesUSA1832A society from Yale University, known for its powerful alumni including multiple presidents.
    RosicruciansGermanyEarly 15th centuryA cultural movement centered around a spiritual and philosophical doctrine named the Rosicrucian Manifestos.
    Knights TemplarFrance1118Name of a few historical knightly orders known for their ideas of christian chivalry.
    The Bilderberg GroupNetherlands1954An annual, invite-only conference of the world’s top politicians, academics, and business people. The meetings are closed to the public and the press.
    Opus DeiSpain1928An organization of the Catholic Church known for its promotion of the belief that everyone is called to holiness and that ordinary life can lead to sanctity.
    The Order of the DragonHungary1408Medieval order of knights. Famous members included Vlad II Dracul and his son, the inspiration for Dracula.
    The Order of Nine AnglesUK1960sAn occult group promoting a specific form of Satanism and Fascism.
    Bohemian ClubUSA1872A private club known for its yearly encampment at Bohemian Grove, which attracts some of the most powerful people in the world.