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    Tables – The different types of insect behavior

    Behavior TypeDescription
    PhototaxisMovement or orientation of an organism in response to light. Some insects are attracted to light, while others are repelled by it.
    ThermotaxisBehavior associated with temperature, moving towards or away from heat.
    HibernationSome insects go into a dormant state during harsh winter months.
    MigrationMany insects, like Monarch butterflies, migrate over long distances.
    AggressionBehavior that is intended to harm another individual within the same species.
    ForagingBehavior directed towards finding and gathering food.
    CamouflageSome insects blend with their environment to hide from predators.
    Mating RitualsSpecific actions, often complex, performed by insects to attract a mate.
    Nest BuildingSome insects like ants and bees form complex colony structures.
    MetamorphosisBehavior linked to transforming from a larval stage to a different adult form.
    Social BehaviorCo-operative behavior seen in social insects like bees, ants and termites.
    Predatory BehaviorHunting and tracking prey for food is a behavior common to insects like mantis, dragonflies.